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Ford mustang

Ford Mustang 2018 New Review

Ford mustang 2018, one of the most popular models of Ford especially in America, has the option of 2.3 liter engine. The new Ford mustang 2018 also features a MagneRide Damping System, an advanced suspension that provides excellent control on the road and exceptional comfort on the road it comes with. With Adaptive Cruise Control you can select the speed you want to drive. The system then brakes or accelerates automatically to protect it.

Ford mustang 2018 features

Replacing the 3.7-liter engine, the 2.3-liter engine is capable of producing 310 Hp of power and 474 Nm of torque. The engine in the previous model was capable of producing 300 Hp of power and 379 Nm of torque. Ford mustang 2018 model have many technological features. The new 12 inch digital dashboard is all optimized to fit the drive mode. Normal, Sport+, Snow and wet, track and drag strip. The set changes its mode according to its appearance. Another engine option of the new Mustang was the 5.0-litre unit. This engine is 46 horsepower compared to its predecessor. The version of this engine is 0-100 km/h acceleration in less than 4 seconds can complete. This is only one of the proofs that this model’s performance has been improved. The first point that attracts attention in appearance is the new LED headlight structure. Two different options, Kone Blue and Orange Fury Tri-Coat metallic, were added to the color options.

Ford mustang 2018 Price

The price of the Ford mustang 2018, which is $ 25,000 in America, varies on a country-by-country basis. Because when you buy cars, that country’s tax laws apply. With the introduction of the 2019 model, the 2018 model will have a discount. If you follow the campaigns, you can buy this great car at a cheaper price.

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